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How to write an Application for Half Day Leave?

Application for half day leave in govt office, How to write an application for a half day leave.
application for half day leave

How to write an application for Half Day's Leave in Govt Office? Below is a perfect example of application format for Half day leave. You can change it according to your requirements. 

Application for Half day's leave


    The Officer-in-charge,

    Name of the Office,


Sub: Application for half days leave.


    I would like to draw your kind attention that I have been working in this department since the year of 2018 as a ....................

    That sir, since my mother has been suffering from a fever since last five days, her temperature is remaining high since that day, it is but necessary that she need to be examined by a physician. Accordingly, I have consulted a physician who has advised me to take my mother for examination at 2.00 p.m. on ................

    In view of above, I would request your goodself to be pleased to grant me half day's leave on .......... and permit me to leave office at 1.30pm on the said date and I shall be joining my duties on the next day i.e. .............. and for this act of kindness, I shall remain ever grateful.

    Thanking you.

Your's faithfully,

Dated: ...............

Your Name


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