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5 Most Common Drafting Issues in eOffice

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How to draft in eOffice

    Now-a-days, the use of eOffice has been increased in Govt departments due to the Covid pandemic, and total file management is been done through the eFile system. Officers need to create drafts for making official letters, office orders, sanction orders, purchase orders, etc.

    But most of the time one finds it difficult to make a perfect draft because margins we use in MS Office generally changed when we paste the text in the draft of eOffice system. Here in this article, you will find the best solutions for issues that arise while creating a draft in eOffice web portal. 

1. Page Setup for MS Word before pasting into draft of eOffice.

Before you paste the text matter into the draft of eOffice, you should properly set up the page in MS Word (Word processer) first. Because there is a different margin setup used in eOffice Draft. The best page setup settings are mentioned below check it with yours.

  1. Page Size - A4
  2. Left and Right Margin - 2.8 cm or 1.1" inches
  3. Top Margin - 1.5 cm or 0.59" inches
  4. Bottom margin(very important) - 3.4 cm or 1.34" inches

2. How to add an image in the draft of eOffice properly?

    On letterhead, we used to use the organization logo at the top of the page, but when we paste an image (as there is no option for inserting an image) in the draft of eOffice it disappears. So when it happens you need to create a new MS word file with the page set up as mentioned above and then insert the image in newly created word file. If you are using only one logo, you should place it at the top of the page with center-aligned and in case of double logo use lay out options availabe in Format menu of MS word  for different positions (select the image>Format Tab>Position).

    Now you have added the image in MS word and then write you organisation details i.e. Name of the institute, address, web site details then you need to draw a line after the letter-head details for which you should use the Horizontal line (Home Menu> Paragraph>Borders>Horizontal Line).

horizontal line in ms word

3. How to use # tags for draft creation in eOffice?

#tags are used in draft for important infromations like for date of approval, approved by etc. For example if you want to add the date in your draft letter you just add the #tags like  Date: #ApprovedDate# at the required place. When the draft will approved by your higher officer then that #tag will be converted to the current date i.e. Date: 01/05/2021 on which date draft gets approved. Like wise there are other #tags are available as mentioned below. Use these tags according to your use.

  • #ApprovedBy# for Approver Info
  • #ApprovedByName# for Approver Name 
  • #ApprovedByDesignation# for Approver Designation
  • #ApprovedBySectionName# for Approver Section Name 
  • #ApprovedByPost# for Approver Post
  • #ApprovedByEmail# for Approver Email 
  • #ApprovedDate# for Date of Approval
  • #DocumentNumber# for Document Number (this tag is not working till date)

4. How to use bullet/numberings in draft letter/order in eOffice?

Some people want to add bullet and numbering while creating the draft. But when use the bullet in MS word document it seems perfectly aligned but when we copy and paste these texts to the draft of eOffice, most of the times these bullets/numberings get staggered. So in my personal opinion you should not use the bullet/numbering in MS word file. Rather use normal numbers only (manually typed). 

5. How to use page numberings in draft letter/order in eOffice?

Don't use page numbering formats of MS word. Use manual numbering (hand typed) only. When you use margin settings as stated at above, manual numbering will perfectly work for you. All you need to remember is that Bottom margin is required more space in draft of eOffice. Hence setup accordingly.

Most common FAQs relating to eOffice draft:

i. How do you create a draft in eOffice?

Ans: You can add/view draft by selecting create new draft/view draft menu option under Draft menu option. Click create new draft to add draft in the file.

ii. How Officer can edit the draft for approval in eOffice?

Ans: Officer with approving authority can approve the draft and at the same time he/she can edit the same by using the edit opion available under that if draft is prepared with draft editor. In case of scanned pdf uploaded in draft, edit option will be available but officer can't edit it.

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